About Us

Ever felt swamped by the incessant demand of keeping both your clothes and dishes pristine? In today's fast-paced urban environment, there's a relentless quest for space-saving solutions and efficiency. Answering this call, we at Philemone are thrilled to introduce our ingenious portable washing machines, designed to care for both your clothes and your dishes.

Our odyssey began with the heartfelt ambition to elevate the daily experiences within our homes. Seeing the absence of a comprehensive washing solution, Philemone was born.

Our mission? To provide everyone with the joy of an all-encompassing washing experience. Here’s what the Philemone washing prodigy offers:

Space-Saving Marvel: Ideal for compact urban apartments, student accommodations, or the intrepid souls living in RVs, our dual-purpose machines blend in perfectly, ensuring you have room for what truly matters.

Freedom of Mobility: Say goodbye to the burdensome trips to laundromats and standing over sinks. With access to electricity and water, you can wash anywhere, anytime. Perfect for the modern nomad.

Environmentally Conscious: Prioritizing sustainability, our machines are designed for reduced water and energy consumption. It's an embodiment of green living.

Cost-Efficient: No more hefty laundromat or dishwashing costs. The long-term savings with Philemone's versatile washer make it a wise household investment.

User-Centric Design: Forget complicated setups. Our machines are engineered for easy use, promising a straightforward experience right from the start.

Gentle Care: Whether it's your cherished attire or your precious china, our machines cater with a gentle touch, ensuring longevity and cleanliness.

Customized Washing: From a pile of soiled clothes to a stack of greasy plates, tailor every wash to your specific requirements.

Time Efficiency: Launch a wash cycle and move on to other tasks. Our machine guarantees efficiency without compromising on cleanliness.

Emergency Reliability: In times when your primary appliance breaks down, Philemone's portable washer is your trusty backup, ensuring you're never left in a lurch.

At Philemone, we believe that modern solutions should be both functional and aspirational. Our washing machines not only offer unmatched utility but also bring a contemporary elegance to your space.

From being mere enthusiasts of modern living solutions, the Philemone team has evolved into a consortium of devoted experts. We're ceaselessly driven by innovation, forever scouting for new technologies to enrich our offerings. Your contentment guides our endeavors, and your feedback is invaluable.

We recognize the complexities of online shopping. Thus, we're committed to facilitating a transparent and hassle-free purchasing experience. Our dedicated customer service team stands ready to assist, ensuring your peace of mind.

Proudly rooted in the United Kingdom, we ardently champion our local ethos. While our products are manufactured in China, every piece is meticulously aligned to our stringent quality benchmarks. We foster close relationships with our manufacturing partners to guarantee that every Philemone product is synonymous with excellence.

We steadfastly believe that premium convenience shouldn't come with a premium price tag. Our commitment is to offer outstanding dual-purpose washing machines that are both accessible and exceptional in quality.

Choosing Philemone means embracing a harmonious blend of innovation, style, and efficiency. We're privileged to accompany you on your journey towards an enhanced and streamlined lifestyle, ensuring every washing experience is a pleasure.